Our Beliefs


Traditionally, to have a parish meant to take spiritual responsibility for a designated geographic area. The greater Nashville area has over 2 million people. Over the next 8 years, there will be another million.

We believe in the importance of commitment to local community and planting roots to form deep and meaningful relationships in our neighborhoods that can help bring about real change as part of a greater movement of renewal. Our society is thirsty for spiritual nutrition, belonging, and genuine reverent worship. We desire to cooperate with God in the transformation of our souls.

Three Streams

As Followers of Christ, we believe that we are nourished by living an integrated life of three streams:


Highlights our adherence to the stream which upholds the Bible as God’s inspired word that contains all things necessary for salvation and serves as our authoritative guide for faith and life.


We believe the Holy Spirit operates today as he has done throughout history, conducting the fullness of God in and through the Church today.


Living a sacramental life underscores our belief in the ongoing importance of the one, true, holy, historic and world-wide Christian faith by incorporating the liturgical rhythms of our worship into our everyday lives.

Although there are many diverse expressions of Anglicanism throughout the world, Luminous Parish is a blend of contemplative and sacred space as well as dynamic and creative music. We are rhythmic and intentional.

Creeds & Articles