Prayer & Scripture

Read the Collect of the Week and choose a passage from today’s Daily Office.


  • What has stuck you in the Daily Office this week?
  • Knowing and being known are messy and difficult. We need to both pay attention and be available in order to do so. What about this is challenging for you? What can you do this week to overcome that challenge?
  • We are a tribal people, drawn to groups by our likes and dislikes. There is a positive aspect to this, to finding “our people”, however, the danger is in making the differences we see into idols. What differences have you made into idols? Where are you overly proud of “your” people? Where are you overly critical of “other” people?
  • How can you be a light bearer this week? Where do you need to reflect Christ in your life, your sphere of influence? Who do you know that needs to feel the love of Christ?