Prayer & Scripture

Read the Collect of the Week and choose a passage from today’s Daily Office.


  • What are you carrying with you from Holy Week this year?

  • Good Friday can be uncomfortable. We, as a culture, do not process grief well. Where have you experienced grief? How did you work thorough it? Are there still elements you need to process?

  • On Good Friday, the cry of "Hosanna", of save us, seems far off. Have you experienced a time when the work of God in your life seemed to be absent? When there was a void? What was/is this like?

  • After a forest fire, it is amazing to see the still, small indications of new life that push up through the destruction. Where are you feeling new life? If not your not, where do you need new life?

  • The resurrection of Christ reveals that death and darkness will not have the final say. How does that truth color your days? How is the light of Christ shining in and through your life?