Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age

We live in a distracted, secular age. These two trends define life in Western society today. We are increasingly addicted to habits―and devices―that distract and "buffer" us from substantive reflection and deep engagement with the world. And we live in what Canadian...

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The Liturgical Year

A journey of the soul through the map of Christian time. The liturgical year, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent and carrying through the following November is the year that sets out to attune the life of the Christian to the life of Jesus, the Christ. This book...

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The Anglican Way: A Guidebook

The Anglican Way is a guidebook for anyone interested in following Jesus as an Anglican Christian. Written for both the newcomer and the person who wants to go deeper, this book answers hundreds of questions about history, theology, worship, and more. Learn about this...

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Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter

While the Advent season is filled with fun and expectations, Lent can be hard for children. It’s travels through frightening places, loaded with themes of self-denial and death. How can children approach this season in a way that is meaningful and not frightening?...

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It Takes a Church to Baptize

The issue of baptism has troubled Protestants for centuries. Should infants be baptized before their faith is conscious, or does God command the baptism of babies whose parents have been baptized? Popular New Testament scholar Scot McKnight makes a biblical case for...

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The Path Between Us

Most of us have no idea how others see or process their experiences. And that can make relationships hard, whether with intimate partners, with friends, or in our professional lives. Understanding the motivations and dynamics of these different personality types can...

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You Are What You Love

You are what you love. But you might not love what you think. In this book, award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture shapes us....

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In the Name of Jesus

For a society that measures successful leadership in terms of the effectiveness of the individual, Father Nouwen offers a counter definition that is witnessed by a "communal and mutual experience." For Nouwen, leadership cannot function apart from the community. His...

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Daily Office

We offer a listing of the Daily Office readings for each week. In this list, you will see the verses for each day, linked to the passages on

This allows you to click on the readings for the day, and read them on your computer or mobile device.

In order to make this even easier, you can add a button to your mobile device that will take you directly to the readings for that week. To do so:

1) Open the Daily Office page in your mobile browser.

2) Choose “Add to Home Screen” on your device (often found under sharing, bookmarks, or menu). If you need help, search for “(your mobile operating system) add website to home screen”.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.

The Examen

The Examen of Consciousness is a simple prayer directed toward developing a spiritual sensitivity to the ways God approaches, invites, and calls.

Assume a posture of stillness & reverent relaxation

  • Recall that you are in the presence of God
  • Thank God for blessings and provision
  • Examine how you have lived the day
  • Confess and ask God for forgiveness
  • Resolve and offer a prayer of hopeful recommitment


Resolve posture of stillness & reverent relaxation

It is important that you feel free to structure the Examen in a way that is personally most helpful. There is no right way to do it; nor is there a need to go through all of the five points each time. You may, for instance, find yourself spending the entire time on only one or two points. The basic rule is: Go wherever the Spirit draws you. And this touches upon an important point: the Examen of Consciousness is primarily a time of prayer and meditation; it is a “being with God.” It focuses on our consciousness of holy communion.

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